Celebrating 25 years of great taste!




      We are a small family owned and operated business since 1984. It started with my brother in law wanting to learn the butcher trade so he traveled to Germany to stay with family and learn at age 18. His dad was meat manager at Loblaws at the time and mom a hairdresser and business woman. Once he was home he began making sausage in his basement for fun and eventually started selling at the market. His younger brother, who was in University, ended up joining the business when it began. The processing plant was built 26 years ago and has since grown to accommodate the needs of customers demands for their products. I met my husband 16 years ago and started working at the St.Jacobs market the day they got their first booth there. We opened our first store in November of 1997 on Peel Street in New Hamburg. That store is since closed as we merged it into our store that we are in now 2 years ago when we received more space. We have had this store since July 2000.


We now sell frozen food; meat, fruit, veggies, dessert, fish, fries, finger foods, soups, lasagna, deli items; cold cuts, kielbassa, smoked chops, fresh meats, sandwiches, hot soups, meals and much more. We process almost all of our beef and pork products and are happy to say that we do not use msg, fillers, wheat or milk in our products. We also do not use fancy preservatives, thus giving our products a home-made taste and quality. We make all of our deli salads and soups at our store and take pride in providing high quality products and service to our customers.


We continue to keep our small family owned and operated business at top standards. We are now a Provincially Licensed Meat Plant. Our processing plant recently received a AA rating from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. This is a huge honour for us. You and your family's safety is of utmost importance!


Well, that's us in a nut shell.


Angie Scheid, Cloverleaf Farms